Cannabis Sativa Face Oil 30ml

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Cannabis Sativa Face Oil 30ml
Cannabis oil nourishes and softens the skin, restores skin tone and removes toxins. Due to the high content of vitamin E, oil inhibits premature aging, prevents stretch marks and restores skin elasticity. The oil is most recommended for dry skin and is easily absorbed. Cannabis oil is also suitable for sensitive skin because it is not allergic. This oil has a positive effect on skin pH, balances lipid levels and moisturizers. Reduces skin redness and irritation, heals wounds. Also recommended for men after shaving. Fatty acids are essential for the production of healthy skin cell membranes, providing hair and skin with nutrients. The oil also strengthens the nails, so it massages the nails and cuticles.

Cannabis oil has natural protection against SPF 6 from UV radiation but allows the skin to absorb beneficial UV rays and absorb vitamin D. Cannabis oil is used to treat atopic dermatitis (eczema). Scientists led by Dr. Callaway at the University of Finland studied the benefits of cannabis seed oil to patients with atopic dermatitis and after research showed that oil significantly reduced skin dryness, itching and completely improved other symptoms of the disease. You can use the oil in blends or apply pure on the skin. Apply the oil on hydrolate (flower water) moisturized skin so that it absorbs faster and does not leave a feeling of fatness.